20 years ago we started small. No, I mean, really small – putting up metal fences and metal stairs down in Brazoria, Texas. Before long we started not only installing these but designing them from scratch and even fabricating all parts ourselves. When someone asked if we’d do a metal building, we figured, “Sure, why not?” We haven’t look back since.

Being from humble beginnings, we can understand the needs of a business that is growing fast. Every single business has their specific requirements for the building, be it a crane to hoist tractor engines or a multi-story office building designed with your employees in mind. That is where you’ll see us excel – designing and detailing the building to be sure that every facet of your building is going to help your business succeed. Our years of experience in this area means that we know the questions to ask and what to watch out for.

The best part is that we’re flexible. If you already have an architect, or your good buddy is doing the foundation, we can work with that! We bring only the skills, tools, equipment, and people you need to make your building project succeed.

Today we run MetalBuildingDepot.com, the #1 online seller of metal buildings out of Seguin, Texas, just east of San Antonio on I-10. Also, we have the world’s only free, professional metal building design software which we like to call IQS. Feel free to sign up and try it out for yourself. We are partnered with some of the nation’s largest metal building fabricators so that we can produce quality goods, inexpensively, and close to you. Let me tell you, less freight can save money that can be spent on things like roll up doors, canopies, tinted windows – you know, the important stuff.

Are you ready to begin? Give us a call at 512-718-3030.